Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update on the Benedict Bunch

Well I haven't written since Samuel's burial almost two weeks ago now. It's been a little crazy around here since then. I guess the first big news is that our daughter and son-in-law are back together and their divorce has been stopped. They are now going to marriage counseling and are looking for a house together, hopefully to buy. They have found a 3-bedroom house in Onawa that they really like, and are praying that they will be able to get the financing to get it. They should know by next week. At the moment, Sapphire and the baby are still both here with us, and Andrew is at his parent's home. We have all been through too much with everything that has happened to allow him to move back in here, and his parents will only allow Sapphire over there on the weekends, but not during the week to stay. I think this is best anyway, as we will never trust his family, or Andrew, ever again like we used to. His mother herself has caused us so much grief over the last few months, and it will be very hard to ever even want to be in the same room with her ever again. I do think that it will be good for the kids to have a house of their own again. I will miss seeing them every day, as Onawa is about 1 1/2 hours away from us, but it is where Andrew's new job is now, so it makes more sense to live close to the job with gas prices as high as they are. PTL for Verizon to Verizon family plans so we can call or text each other whenever we want to. One good thing too, is that they will be living closer to our oldest daughter, Niki, and her family, and there will only be about 20 minutes driving time to each other's houses. Of course that may only be for a time as Niki, her fiance' and kids want to move closer to us here in the country as soon as they are able.
This week Niki started her new job at a company called Energique (which makes health foods, herbal products, etc.). It is only temporary until she can go back and finish her last 2 semesters of college, but right now with the economy like it is, she has to be able to support their two children. It is not her over-all goal, and though she has wanted to a social worker for a several years now, she has come to love being a homemaker and mother, and now leaving her children in daycare each day will be ever so very hard for her to do. Right now she has her 18-year-old sister, Ashley, at their house and she is caring for the kids during the days, but Ashley also has her own job and can only watch the kids for two weeks right now. Then Sapphire will watch them for another week for Niki, and then they should be able to start at the daycare that Niki has found for them. There is a waiting list at this daycare, so we are all trying to help out when we can right now. Sapphire is planning to start doing daycare herself once they have moved so that they can supplement their income and she can still be home with Kaden. She loves being a stay-at-home mother as well, and wants to hopefully homeschool her children as well one day when the time comes.
Ashley has one more year of high school left, and then wants to go to college to learn dog grooming. Our friends, Jean and Brian, have been wonderful to Ashley. Ashley lives at their house on the weeks that she works at Jean's grooming shop, and then she helps them out at home with their dog breeding business, and bird breeding business. They live 2 hours from us, so it makes more sense for Ashley to stay there with them during the week. They spoil her to pieces when she's there, and have purchased Ashley her very first set of dog grooming clippers, scissors, attachments, etc. (which I have found to be costly, but necessary, if you want to go into this business professionally). Jean even gave Ashley a very nice digital camera. Ashley has been taught to groom several kinds of dogs now, and Jean is continaully training her in all aspects of grooming.
Zach, our oldest son, is almost 17. Where has the time gone? I can't imamgine what life would be like if my husband hadn't had his vasectomy reversed years ago, and we hadn't had our last group of children. Zach would be our "baby." That would be so sad for us. He is the only one of our children who is not being homeschooled at present. He will finish out the year on the 21st of this month at the school he is going to. We have many qualms about what to do with him next year school wise. I believe that either he will be homeschooled again, or go to the small town school close to us. The hard part is that he doesn't like school at all, except for his friends and girlfriend. So many things changed with him when we gave in and put him in the public school system after much begging, arguing, pleading and refusing to do any of his school work for me. We have dealt with rebellion, disrespect, anger, smoking, etc., etc. Not that we blame the public school system for all of this, but it is a large share of the problems we are dealing with where he is concerned. Ironically his teachers tell us how respectful he is, polite, hard working, helpful, etc., and then he comes home and we get the opposite of this most days. That part is very frustrating to us! And to be honest, I am not certain that he is saved. This is my constant prayer for him. We are praying for him in many areas right now, but to us, the utmost important one would be him truly accepting Christ into his life.
Our youngest group of children are finishing up home school for the year and are loving spending every minute outside that they can. PTL it's been in the 60s to 80s most days now finally! They have turned the loft in the barn into a clubhouse and are in the process of painting it. They have even attached a rope at the top to climb up in through the window and swing down from when they are in a hurry. We have gotten to meet our neighbors who also happen to have 10 children (though they do not home school and both of the parents have to work outside the home), and 4 of their kids are the same ages of our 4 youngest children. Their children are also making an underground clubhouse at their house, so the 6 boys (3 of ours and 3 of theirs) go back and forth between both houses in the afternoons helping each other out. All our three youngest boys excel at math right now, but struggle with reading. So, we will be working on that this summer. However, the only two that we are certain have dyslexia are Ashley and Cory. Sheyenne loves to "do school" (at age 4)and picks up anything she is taught very quickly. She is always an easy, pleasant child who has oodles of love to give. And our youngest boys are all so affectionate and loving too, especially with their mommy! That is a blessing to me/us!!!
Well I have more I could go on about, but I haven't had much opportunity to email anyone lately and so I thought that I would just update my blog real quickly here. More to come...

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