Sunday, April 27, 2008

Samuel's Burial Service

Yesterday was our son Samuel's "official" burial. It was exactly 3 months ago to the day that we had his memorial service. There were several reasons for this, one being that the ground here in IA has been so terribly frozen this winter from an extra long winter season. They say it's the coldest, longest winter we've had since 1983! As it was, though it was spring, it was windy, cold, dreary and misty outside. There were also several other babies who had died, so we had one burial service all together. You could see all the torture, pain and sadness on every one's faces as we all stood there saying our last good-byes for now. They had white carnations mixed with yellow daisies and baby's breath spread throughout. It was sad to see that little casket sitting there resembling the ones that each baby is now in. I think this says it all...
"We are what we are today because we have felt the presence of a baby whom we have loved. We are what we are today because we have experienced a young life whom we have loved - a gift from God, who was here for a brief moment in time. We are what we are today because we carried a small, precious life, a child whom we have loved."


Margarete said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you. Have a good week.

Margarete said...

How are you doing? And, how are your grand babies? Have a good day.
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