Friday, October 6, 2017

A special 13-year-old girl that I was so blessed to meet in Uganda, (when I was there less than 2 1/2 months ago), went to Heaven yesterday.  I am so sad that I will not get to see her next summer.  What a sad loss...only 13 and a whole life ahead of her.  Praise God the she is no longer sick in Heaven now!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fresh Ideas to Engage your Children in Learning

Fresh Ideas to Engage your Children in Learning

Teachers need fresh ideas and practical solutions to engage their children in learning. Let us give you some terrific ideas so your child will enjoy learning and retain information better.  Our goal is to resource teachers so children are engaged and stay on task for the learning experience. 

            First, the teacher must realize the learning style of the child.  Many teachers are most comfortable teaching in their personal learning style but that might not be a match with the child or children being taught.  We will discover ways to identify the learning styles of the child and how we can adapt our methods to best fit and tailor to the learner.  Mr. Mark explains several practical ideas each teacher should work to employ in their classroom time.  Variety will always help make learning fun and exciting but teachers need ideas.  Mr. Mark’s Classroom is constantly buzzing with new resources and helps that assist teachers  with the variety they seek and it’s free.

            Second, the early childhood and early elementary children are most responsive to eight unique actions the teacher can always use.  By knowing how to use sensory, relationships, curiosity, imitation, play, repetition, satisfaction, and hands-on learning in the classroom, the teacher will discover greater engagement and even less behavior issues.  Mr. Mark uses these tried and true methods weekly and has created such fun experiences he will share with our teachers to use immediately.

            Check out his website at and begin seeing the many ideas available to you already.  Join us September 28 from 7pm-8:30pm EST to hear him teach us the wonderful methods that will refresh you in your planning and presenting material to your children.  Mr. Mark offers a free book at his website filled with easy ideas you can download now. 

Mark your calendar and register now for our free webinar with Mr. Mark’s Classroom at

Thank you!

Jodi Riddle

Human Resource & Operations Assistant/HwH Blog Manager

Pureflix Joins Forces with Major Homeschool Publisher

" Joins Forces with Major Homeschool Publisher"

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


We are in need of a classroom for our oldest students, other than what we have been using!  We are truly in Urgent need so that our students, school supplies, and hanging chart do not continually become destroyed by the rains we have been having.  PLUS, it needs to be done so as to keep the entire school open as far as the government rules go.  Here is what we woke up to.

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Meet the new "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Sales Representative

YES!  You heard me correctly!  I am so excited to be one of the new Sales Reps. for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!! My biggest motivation is to be able to pay off my loan so that I can go this coming May or June again, with our soon-to-be 14-year-old daughter, Sheyenne.  Yes, my trip was so amazing, that I feel that literally half of my family is half way across the world, so I am torn with my family and friends here, and my family and friends back in Uganda.  Talk about a life changing experience!!!  I plan to show you some of my month long adventure here on this site, but also, I have a blog for them started at: 

Please, take a look, ask questions, leave your comments, or support.

                     My family...left to right
Marka, Haggai, Esther, Robert, Era held by Watulo
                          David in front
              (A gift from my husband and I)

                                                                                                                       Gods Hands Daycare

Thursday, April 27, 2017

End of Term Break


DESPERATELY In Need For Our School Children

In prayer..."Again I say to you, if two of you can agree on earth
about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father
in Heaven."
Matthew 18:1 9

We have many needs for our orphaned children, which includes; bedding, clothes, shoes, food for school, books, desks, teacher tables, office tables...We also don't have books for our children, we need computers to continue to help our teachers keep up-to-date with what they need to know for the children's education, and to do examinations.  Right now we are at the end of our 1st term, which will be a 4-week break, at which time they are trying to hand write files on each of the children attending at the school.  This takes many, many hours of time.  We will continue school all year round as it is important to keep the children active, learning, and taught to speak English.  During this time, is when we are praying to get the things that we need for our school so that we can continue to be able to teach the children what all life has to offer, and that there is still a big world out there to investigate, and continue learning for their entire lives.

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Monday, April 24, 2017


So I know a lot of you on here are my friends and strong Christians, so I just wanted to share my thinking on something that God has been dealing with me about. About four or five months ago the idea of "I should go to Africa kept popping into my mind. Well I can be completely honest with you and say that this is NOT something that has ever crossed my mind as something that I would ever do, because, well mostly the reason is that I have a fear of flying. I'll admit it, and some people probably think that's an absolutely ridiculous fear to have, but since I was a little kid and had a bad experience in a small plane, it's just not something I ever thought I would do again in my lifetime. So When the thought popped into my head, the first thing I thought of was that I must be going crazy, and the next thing that popped into my head was that song by Scott Wesley Brown that says, "Please don't send me to Africa...I don't think I got what it takes..."

Well then the first of January came around and a friend of mine whom I'd lost contact with for awhile, found me on Facebook again, and started talking to me! I was so excited because Watulo and her family, and the orphanage where she cares for the children and teaches them school, consider me their American family, and we use Messenger on FB to talk, call each other, and video chat, where I can even talk with the children and watch them dance, play, and do their schoolwork! I love being able to talk face to face with Watulo and the children!!

I have been in a quandary over this because this is NOT like me to want to go too far without my husband or one of my kids with me, the thought of flying is truly beyond even explaining, but I have even checked into shots I would need, what a passport would require, and even looked into flights! Like I said, this is NOT like me, but God continually keeps bringing it to mind over, and over. I would stay 2 - 3 weeks and work in the orphanage. I don't have a clue why God would be bringing this up or even how on earth we could afford airfare!! And on top of it, I feel I want to take Sheyenne, our 13-year-old, with me, because she has seen some of the children over Messanger, and has a penpal at the village there that she writes to. What an amazing experience that would be!! But 2 days, and 35 hours flying time?!?! Me? Go to Uganda, Africa? I wish I could just be there now with them! Just skip the flying part and all...But daily I want to go there more and more!! The airfare?? Where would we get that kind of money? If God wants us to go, then somehow, HE will have to provide, as this is a dream of a lifetime!! ME? Go to AFRICA? How Lord? It will HAVE to be through God's provision!!

As Watulo said, "I know God will provide, He is the Alpha and Omega, He knows you are traveling for a good cause and to serve Him. ...He will provide, nothing is difficult in God's presence."

But ME????  Would God really send someone like ME??

                    My sister in Africa & some of the children.

                                   I already love them all!!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Test

Have you recently done a Spiritual Gifts Inventory Test? If not, you really ought to. God gives us each our own gifts, to each and everyone of us. Has yours changed, grown, developed even deeper, or do you even know what YOUR very own gift is?? If not, you really should do so? 
Go to:

I got my top 5 in this order - 

1) Pastor/Shepherd
2) Exhortation
3) Mercy
4) Service
5) Discernment

I know what these each are, except the exact meaning of Exhortation.  So, I got out my book, "Discover Your God-Given GIFTS," by Don & Katie Fortune.  I looked up the Characteristics of the Exhorter.  It says, "that the teacher aims for your head, while the exhorter aims for your heart.  It is not so much the content that the exhorter wants to impart as that content can be made effective in peoples' lives. 

Everyone of the gifts can teach, but the exhorter makes the most interesting and palatable teacher.  All of his gifts are geared toward edifying and encouraging other people. We could have called this person the encourager.  In fact, the Greek word paraklesis means a calling to one's side to aid denoting both exhortation and encouragement.

The exhorter wants everyone to have a full, meaningful life.  Exhorters are builders, not of buildings, but of people.  They want to help people live up to their full potential.  Their greatest joy is being an instrument to help another live victoriously."

The expressions on people's faces, listening for reactions, and analyzes body language to know that he's really communicating, and that this person is listening and valuing the input of the exhorter.  

So this is what I found out, in short, of what an Exhorter is.  I plan to keep researching it, and reading all scripture related to my five highest Spiritual gifts.  Who knows, maybe this has something to do with the New Year...2017?!