Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corn on the Cob for Winter!

We have really enjoyed summer veggies, and especially the corn and fried squash!!! We have also been blessed with Farmer's Market Coupons, which we have taken full advantage of. God has blessed us with an abundance of corn-on-the-cob for this winter too! Yesterday I blanched it and got it ready for us for the winter. It will be nice to pull it out of the freezer when there is snow on the ground and we are wishing for something "fresh!" :+)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tree Houses Are So Much Fun!!

Our children (well Ashley and our younger ones), plus three of our neighbor's boys, have been working on building a tree house on our property the last couple of weeks. Doug shows them what to do next, and then they work on it themselves the next day sawing and nailing up the next pieces. They have all kinds of ideas of what they still want to do, like adding electricity, but that will take a little more time than they will have this summer any way. School will be starting for our neighbor's boys in two weeks, and we will be starting after Labor Day as usual. They plan to do as much as they can until then though!

Cory's First Nesting Box

Cory was bored today and decided to build a nesting box, hopefully for one of our ducks to use. We have 4 females ducks laying eggs these days, so we would be getting about 8 eggs a day, if they didn't want to sit on them all the time. We do, however, manage to sneak out a couple of eggs a day from their different hiding spots to use for cooking and baking.

He did a good job for his first time, though he's a little camera shy! :+)