Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Insulation Complete!

Praise the Lord we now have insulation in the attic! We had not a drop up there before now, and with the extra cold -O* temperatures, and terribly cold wind chills, it has been a COLD last few months here!! Our main goal was to not have to fill the propane tank every month, all winter long, like we did last winter. At $800.00 at a pop, that was absolutely ridiculous!!! So, this winter we have only filled it once. We had also put a woodburing stove in to the basement, and then added a vent from that, up through the floor in the living room, and that has helped tremendously, but then there was the second floor that was still cold, and of course that is the floor with all the bedrooms. So, thank God for tax time, we took that money and bought insulation to put up in the attic. If you buy all the insulation at Menards, they will loan you the blower for free. So, that's what we did. We put 18" up there and what a difference it has made! It cut $200.00 off of our electric bill (well that and not using the little space heaters anymore), so we are blessed by that.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Dog Hobbyist Club

My friend Jean and I have recently, very recently, started a dog hobby club. We have been working on it for a couple of weeks now. I am the secretary of the club and have been sending out "invitations" to dog breeders in IA, NE and Illinois, so far. I have a list of 8,000 breeders across the U.S. to try to reach, in time. :+)

The mission of our club is to provide a place that open and honest discussions can be held about the various issues that face all of us who own a dog or dogs. There are also numerous legal issues that are being presented and passed that dog owners need to be aware of. This will be a club where we can share information from around the country, share ideas, and offer suggestions.

This Dog Hobbyist Club will not allow membership from or support advertising for pet mills, brokers, commercial breeders or pet stores selling puppies.

This club is not meant for commercial breeders of dogs. A commercial breeder is one who sells to brokers and pet shops. We do not have anything against commercial breeders, but we do have slightly different points of views when it comes to raising dogs.

This club is for the hobbyist breeder who sells his puppies directly to the public. It does not matter whether you raise mix breeds, pets, purebreds or show dogs as long as you are a hobbyist.

For anyone looking to purchase a dog/puppy should thoroughly investigate to their own satisfaction any breed and/or breeder prior to their making a purchase.

This club is meant to be educational and informative. Our goals are to provide the hobbyist breeder with information about breeding, raising, training, and socializing, their dogs. We also want to discuss about the laws being passed to restrict the breeding of our dogs, and the keeping of our dogs.

As a benefit of membership we have a forum in which we can discuss our problems and give out helpful information. You will also be allowed to advertise on the forum anything you have for sale, or to be listed on our member directory page with your website address. Since this club is meant for the hobbyist breeder, we would like to get as many listings as possible so the public can buy directly from a hobbyist breeder.

The forum and directory are open to the public to read, however, you must be a member of the Dog Hobbyist Club to be able to post messages or reply to messages in the forum, and access the members only area.

The Directory is open to everyone for viewing, but listings are for members only.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and have the right to do things that work for them, this will be a place that you can have discussions and fair civilized debates without ridicule. Every member is expected to treat others members with respect.

Our goal is to have one of the largest collections of truthful information available on a wide range of topics, that can be searched easily.

It is obvious that as dog owners we need to come together in order to protect our right to have pets, and also protect our rights if we decide to have a breeding program.

As we get the club going we would like to have meetings and seminars. We are not planning on having shows or obedience trials as there are plenty of clubs that already do this.

We all need to stick together!!!

Another New Grandbaby!

Our 2nd oldest daughter, Sapphire, and her husband, are having another baby!! They are due Aug. 24th! It is too early to tell if it will be a boy or girl yet, but we will all be excited one way or the other. Their friends, who live across the street from them, are expecting also, so that always makes it more fun to be pregnant together! :+)

Computer Woes

Wow!!!!! This is the first time in about 3 weeks that I have been able to sign in! My desktop is messed up and I can't sign in to anything, including my blog! Well that includes anything to do with Google, Google Help, Google Support, Contact Us, Blogger Problems...you name it! It has been incredibly frustrating for me!! UGH!!!

So, if all goes well, my husband is spending this weekend concentrating on my desktop in hopes of getting it functional again! Say a prayer!!