Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Insulation Complete!

Praise the Lord we now have insulation in the attic! We had not a drop up there before now, and with the extra cold -O* temperatures, and terribly cold wind chills, it has been a COLD last few months here!! Our main goal was to not have to fill the propane tank every month, all winter long, like we did last winter. At $800.00 at a pop, that was absolutely ridiculous!!! So, this winter we have only filled it once. We had also put a woodburing stove in to the basement, and then added a vent from that, up through the floor in the living room, and that has helped tremendously, but then there was the second floor that was still cold, and of course that is the floor with all the bedrooms. So, thank God for tax time, we took that money and bought insulation to put up in the attic. If you buy all the insulation at Menards, they will loan you the blower for free. So, that's what we did. We put 18" up there and what a difference it has made! It cut $200.00 off of our electric bill (well that and not using the little space heaters anymore), so we are blessed by that.

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