Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Bathroom Remodeling

When we first moved into this farmhouse in Sept. 2007, my husband asked what I "needed" to be able to move into this house, though we had entirely gutted it and were in the process of redoing the entire thing, to live here while we continued to work on it. I said, "A bathroom with a working tub and toilet, and a kitchen." Well I did get exactly I asked for. Not a bit more! :+) However, the bathroom I got was a makeshift one, and we are just now getting to the true work and remodeling of it.

These pictures are two that were taken before we even gutted it, when we first saw the house, and the other four pictures are what we have been working on the last week or so. We also have 3 new cabinets to put in the bathroom once it is completely finished.

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