Monday, January 9, 2017

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Test

Have you recently done a Spiritual Gifts Inventory Test? If not, you really ought to. God gives us each our own gifts, to each and everyone of us. Has yours changed, grown, developed even deeper, or do you even know what YOUR very own gift is?? If not, you really should do so? 
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I got my top 5 in this order - 

1) Pastor/Shepherd
2) Exhortation
3) Mercy
4) Service
5) Discernment

I know what these each are, except the exact meaning of Exhortation.  So, I got out my book, "Discover Your God-Given GIFTS," by Don & Katie Fortune.  I looked up the Characteristics of the Exhorter.  It says, "that the teacher aims for your head, while the exhorter aims for your heart.  It is not so much the content that the exhorter wants to impart as that content can be made effective in peoples' lives. 

Everyone of the gifts can teach, but the exhorter makes the most interesting and palatable teacher.  All of his gifts are geared toward edifying and encouraging other people. We could have called this person the encourager.  In fact, the Greek word paraklesis means a calling to one's side to aid denoting both exhortation and encouragement.

The exhorter wants everyone to have a full, meaningful life.  Exhorters are builders, not of buildings, but of people.  They want to help people live up to their full potential.  Their greatest joy is being an instrument to help another live victoriously."

The expressions on people's faces, listening for reactions, and analyzes body language to know that he's really communicating, and that this person is listening and valuing the input of the exhorter.  

So this is what I found out, in short, of what an Exhorter is.  I plan to keep researching it, and reading all scripture related to my five highest Spiritual gifts.  Who knows, maybe this has something to do with the New Year...2017?!      

Narcissist WOMEN??

If you are like me, I'd never heard the word "narcissist" until 4 - 5 years ago.  And from what I have read, narcissists are generally men, who think they know it all, are very abusive to their wives and children, who belittle their immediate family, and has their wives afraid to ever leave them, and will threaten them with consequences if they do.  They control everything, from finances, to running their homes their way and only their way.  They tell people what they think, or should think, because they truly believe that their way is always the right way.  If something isn't clean enough, the wife and kids are forced to redo it, if the food isn't tasty enough, they might take it over to the trash can, saying, "it's making me sick," and on and on.  It is a very wrong and treacherous to those all around them.

BUT, did you know that there are also narcissistic women?!  WHAT?  No way!  Yes way!  This article really opened my eyes!

The Narcissist is Never Wrong
Written by Alexander Burgemeester 

“I’m sorry.” Those are two of the most difficult words for most people to be able to honestly say. When we are genuinely sorry, we have to admit that we hurt someone and it also means that we are taking responsibility for the pain we have caused.

A narcissist is never sorry because he (or she) perceives herself as perfect. She can’t be wrong. She views herself as superior to everyone and, thus, always right.

The narcissist woman is never, ever wrong, and she likes to present “proof” that she is correct. The narcissist cannot accept responsibility for making a mistake and she is expert at diverting the blame to others.

A narcissist will never admit even horrendous mistakes and when confronted, she will deflect, delay and tell more lies. She believes she is invincible and perfect.

Think about this...Do you know anyone like this?  If you do, think very seriously about whether this is a healthy relationship or not.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Teaching Parents to Teach Their Children Charlotte Mason Writing

The class I wrote for parents wanting to learn about Charlotte Mason writing to, so they can now teach their children, is published!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I am so excited to see one of my articles in an actual magazine!!  Please, take time to read it, and enjoy this beautiful magazine!!

I have one of my articles on page 47 - 48!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

An Oily Adventure

I am on a new adventure!  Not new to thousands of people, but new to me.  Really, it is out of necessity for my family, as with our high deductible ($6000.00 person), starting from June 1st to June 1st, we have only met our deductible 4 times in the 28 years that my husband has been working at his job in 28 years.  At any rate, I have begun researching Essential Oils.  I have researched myself silly into confusion in fact!  There are so many Essential Oil Companies out there, and finding the ones that are legitimate, certified therapeutic, organic ones out there.  And if they don't follow those guidelines, as well as only contained in dark bottles, then they are cheap, artificial knockoffs.  There are hundreds of them out there, but if you don't find the true ones, you won't have the true beneficial benefits the "real" essential oils that God provided us through the flowers, plants and trees He provided us as natural

Did you know that there are over 300 references in the Bible about essential oils?  Frankincense and Myrrh are two of the most popular ones that were used for many, many years.  Just think, did they open their medicine cabinets and pull out prescription medicines, or did they pull out essential oils from the plants and flowers around them?

So while on this journey, I really desire to put together as much information about essential oils as I can, and pray that God will guide me to the best, purest ones that HE would have me use for my friends and family.  So if you will, pray with me so that I am able to find and make only God's best essential medicines and creams and butters that HE would have me make.