Monday, August 23, 2010

Forgiveness Brings True Peace

     Have you ever been really, really close to someone, and then, for whatever the reasons, the friendship ends?  After a time, and even during that time that you weren't talking, you start remembering the good times, and the bad times, but the hurts and frustrations all seem to fade away and the good memories seem to over shadow the bad memories.  Then, God showed me my own faults that I needed forgiveness for, His finger was pointing back at me and making it an impact that is clearly God showing me that I too have my own faults, and that I too have my own issues that I need to ask forgiveness for.  I did that tonight.  Something that I have needed to do for a long time now, but was afraid...afraid that what if that person wouldn't forgive me, and then I would still be hanging on to something that I couldn't change.  Well tonight, I had to do what I had needed to do, and asked for forgiveness.  I am SOOOOOOO blessed that she accepted my apology, and she too asked my forgiveness, which I certainly didn't expect or necessarily need in return, but I am so blessed that she said that I too am forgiven, and that there are no more hard feelings.  Thank you Lord for the forgiveness that You give us, and for the forgiveness that You have blessed me with in this situation.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blessed Country Mama: A Charlotte Mason Biography & Online E-Course

Blessed Country Mama: A Charlotte Mason Biography & Online E-Course

A Charlotte Mason Biography & Online E-Course

I am thrilled to have found a WONDERFUL biography about Charlotte Mason that I think any homeschooling parent would enjoy reading and learn from! Stephanie Walmsley has written this 33 page E-book for you to download for FREE!!! Please feel free to go to this address and request your free copy today!

Stephanie also offers an awesome 12-week course teaching you how to simply apply what you have learned about Charlotte Mason easily into your family, making her theories relevant to today's modern homeschooling, taking the overwhelming tactic of trying to mull through the Original 6 Volumes of CM's Educational Philosophies out of the initial research, etc. It is well worth taking this course whether you are new homeschooling parent or veteran homeschooler. This course is for you!!! :+)

Check it out at: