Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Loss & A Birth

Sadly, one of Hailey's baby puppies, the extreme party blue merle little boy, died this morning. (See the picture of the whitest pup below.) His mama must have known something was wrong with him as she kept pushing him away from the other two and pushing him toward the back of their bed. Try as I might, I couldn't keep him alive. :+( However, another PLF dog of mine, Holli, had 2 babies herself this morning! They are beautiful and doing well! I also have another dog in season to be bred! PTL!!!! God is good!

Friday, May 21, 2010

2 New Litters of Puppies

We were blessed last night with 2 beautiful litters of Petite LeFluer puppies! What a blessing to have 8 total, as often times our small breed dogs don't have any more than 1 - 3 each. While it required my staying up till almost 3 a.m., and sitting on the floor between both of the Mamas, I am blessed to have 8 healthy pups, and all that lived!!
Hailey's pups - 2 girls, 1 boy (the blue merle pup)
Lena's pups - 3 girls, 2 boys

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Oldest Son's First Apt!

Well our oldest son, Zach, and his cousin Brian, have their very first apartment together! They are excited, and so are we, that we got to help them not only find one that was nice and that they could afford, but that our son's credit was good enough to qualify for the apartment on his own merit, and that he and his cousin both enjoy their jobs, and can do this together. It is a nice complex, they have a gas fire place (which will be really nice this next winter), and they have a laundry room in the building, central air, all standard sized appliances, and a place with a pool, playground for their siblings when their families come to visit. We went out and had fun buying all kinds of necessities that we knew they would need...like a can opener, a pizza cutter, silverware, a couple of towels, soap, shampoo...that kind of thing. We also got them some food, condiments, a little meat, bread, etc. for them to start off with. It's an exciting time for them, and us, but a little bit sad thinking that we have 4 kids, out of 9, old enough to be able to move out on their own.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Adopt a Grandma

Our kids have wanted for a long time to have a grandma that they could see, talk to when ever they wanted, to spend the night with, someone to go see whenever they can, someone who wants to actually go "do" things with them, who will love them, give them hugs & kisses, someone to call or text and just say good night to, who is full of smiles and laughter when they are around. Well the Lord has sent the kids a grandma who fits this perfectly! They have prayed for someone to come in to their lives, and now they have a Grandma! Sheyenne, our youngest daughter, is absolutely thrilled beyond measure! She loves to hear Grandma say, "I love you my granddaughter!" And anything that comes from "Grandma," she will keep, even something as small as a plastic bag that had a gift in it, because "it smells like my Grandma!" :+)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Work on the Tree House

Well the kids have decided that they would add a railing around the top of the tree house so their nieces and nephews don't fall off when they are up there playing. Then they added a sofa and a foot stool inside of it so they have a place to sit. :+) What a blessing to live in the country!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Organizing Is An On Going Process

Well slowly, but surely, we are getting more things organized. We have gotten rid of, and trashed, so many "things" that we do not need any more. "Things" take up so much room, and they can never go to Heaven with us anyway, so as far as I am concerned, if it has sat around for 6 months or longer and not been used, then it's fair game to get rid of! The mounds of tubs are now out of the dining room and put neatly on the shelves my husband put up for me. The school bookshelf is organized so that the school books can be pulled off the shelves easily, and each child has their own little tote for their pencils, pens, rulers, crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Having Fun With Our Grandson

*Kaden & Uncle Colten *Kaden & Aunt Shey

Our grandson, Kaden (age 2), LOVES to come over to Mamaw & Papa's house! He calls crying every so often to "Come to mamaw's house and go 4-wheeler riding with Papa, to see Emmi and the chicks and duckies. And of course, we got two baby sharks yesterday, so he just had to come see those! LOL!!!

Homemade Banana Bread

I taught one of our sons, Noah - age 11, to make homemade banana bread from scratch. It's one of our family's favorites, and my husband likes to take some to work to snack on. :+) I think he did a pretty terrific job!