Monday, May 10, 2010

Adopt a Grandma

Our kids have wanted for a long time to have a grandma that they could see, talk to when ever they wanted, to spend the night with, someone to go see whenever they can, someone who wants to actually go "do" things with them, who will love them, give them hugs & kisses, someone to call or text and just say good night to, who is full of smiles and laughter when they are around. Well the Lord has sent the kids a grandma who fits this perfectly! They have prayed for someone to come in to their lives, and now they have a Grandma! Sheyenne, our youngest daughter, is absolutely thrilled beyond measure! She loves to hear Grandma say, "I love you my granddaughter!" And anything that comes from "Grandma," she will keep, even something as small as a plastic bag that had a gift in it, because "it smells like my Grandma!" :+)

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Melissa said...

I would like to Adopt a Grandma for my two little boys! Can you please help me?