Friday, May 21, 2010

2 New Litters of Puppies

We were blessed last night with 2 beautiful litters of Petite LeFluer puppies! What a blessing to have 8 total, as often times our small breed dogs don't have any more than 1 - 3 each. While it required my staying up till almost 3 a.m., and sitting on the floor between both of the Mamas, I am blessed to have 8 healthy pups, and all that lived!!
Hailey's pups - 2 girls, 1 boy (the blue merle pup)
Lena's pups - 3 girls, 2 boys


pragmaticmom said...

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Kelly said...

Hello! it's nice to "meet" you! I love checking out blogs, so I will definitely check yours out! :+)

God Bless!