Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Oldest Son's First Apt!

Well our oldest son, Zach, and his cousin Brian, have their very first apartment together! They are excited, and so are we, that we got to help them not only find one that was nice and that they could afford, but that our son's credit was good enough to qualify for the apartment on his own merit, and that he and his cousin both enjoy their jobs, and can do this together. It is a nice complex, they have a gas fire place (which will be really nice this next winter), and they have a laundry room in the building, central air, all standard sized appliances, and a place with a pool, playground for their siblings when their families come to visit. We went out and had fun buying all kinds of necessities that we knew they would a can opener, a pizza cutter, silverware, a couple of towels, soap, shampoo...that kind of thing. We also got them some food, condiments, a little meat, bread, etc. for them to start off with. It's an exciting time for them, and us, but a little bit sad thinking that we have 4 kids, out of 9, old enough to be able to move out on their own.

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