Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Dogs Are Here At Home Now!!

Yesterday we were able to bring our breeding dogs home after two very long months of waiting. We are all so happy to have them here! We have missed seeing them and playing with them so much! Long story short, after our son-in-law's mother tried to cause us much grief in several areas when the kids first talked divorce (which is no longer their plan), his mother was then determined to close down my new dog breeding business before I even got my feet wet (she didn't like the idea of "our" grandson being raised around dogs, especially ones for dog breeding, though she has never stepped foot on any of our properties in the 5 years time we have known them to even know what she is talking about), we decided to send the dogs to stay with a friend of ours, and started applying for everything we could to make it safe for the dogs to be here and not be doing anything that she could use against us. We got a Kennel License, even though the man who came out from the Dept. Of Agriculture didn't see our need to have one yet. And, even though we are already zoned for farmland, cows, horses and pigs where we live, we even went before the Board of the Zoning and Planning Commission and requested that my dog breeding business be added to the zoning area. PTL the board voted a unanimous yes to it, even though, as one member put it, "It is silly to have to do this." It has been a very costly endeavour for all of this as each individual application costs between $40.00 - $260.00, it will be well worth it to know that we are covered 100% in any way that we can think of. Our dogs had all been licensed (even dual licensed in the same county), had their vaccinations all up-to-date, etc., but none of that mattered to our SIL's mother as she considers "dogs to be dirty animals." His family will not like knowing that I have chosen to still pursue this business, but there is nothing else that can say about it that will change my mind. The Lord blessed us with Sheeba, our pet Yorki-Poo, having a litter of two pups ready to sell just at the time we needed the money to do all of this. He is so good!! I am blessed that He has granted us his favor in all of this, and that things have gone well for us. I am wanting a small hobby business, and to breed tiny little dogs around 6 lbs. in size when full grown, not to build a whole new building and have several hundred large breed dogs!! BUT, PTL, God knows the desires of our hearts, and has blessed us!

So, welcome all to my 'official' dog breeding business,

"Heaven's Tiny Petals."
(The Chihuahuas pictured are not mine, but our daughter's dogs.)


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