Sunday, May 11, 2008

Continually Working on Renovations

We have just today gotten closer to finishing the remodeling of the bedroom for our boys. Yes, they will all four be sharing one bedroom, but they have plenty of space as they have the biggest bedroom in the house. We still have little things like trim around the windows to put up, and the ceiling vents still need to be put up, but it's slowly coming along.

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Margarete said...

Oh, how I know about renovations. We are very slowly fixing up this house. We need to do the downstairs, but now we have a wedding and 2 graduations next year (in the same month!), I'm not sure it's going to get done. Bummer. Oh yeah, my 2nd child,(also 2nd son) is getting married in May 09. They were engaged this week!
Have fun!