Friday, January 18, 2008

An Interesting Pregnancy So Far?

Well this pregnancy has proven to be an interesting pregnancy already and I am only 4 1/2 months along so far!! At first my hormone levels were too low, according to the doctor. Then at 13 weeks, much earlier than most, I got gestational diabetes. Generally this doesn't start until around the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. I now have an OB doctor and a High Risk OB doctor. I see one or the other each week now. I also have to take insulin pills twice a day, and check my blood sugars 4X a day - before breakfast, lunch, dinner and at bedtime. I have to try to maintain my blood sugars to stay at 120 or less. This means poking my fingers each day to draw the drop of blood to put into the meter. At first my fingertips were all very sore, but I have now done it enough that they are toughening up. So far, I can take the insulin pill by mouth vs. the insulin shots in my stomach. With Sheyenne, our 8th biological baby, I had to use the insulin shots. This is the 4th time I have had gestational diabetes. The first time they caught it too late and so we didn't do anything specific for it. Then with our 7th baby, I was able to control my blood sugars with a religious diet. Then with our 8th child, I too started with the special diet, but then it went to insulin shots. This time they are trying out the pills first. I pray that I can keep using these. I really don't like giving myself shots in my stomach while I'm pregnant! I can deal with regular shots, IVs, etc., but there is something about giving yourself a shot in my stomach while being pregnant that is just hard for me. I don't know why for sure? I know that the needle won't stick the baby, but it still bothers me.
On top of this, we got a call from the doctor's office this week. They have done my Triple Screen tests twice now, and both times it came back saying it was positive for a baby with Down Syndrome. I was at a loss as to how to respond when they first called. I was in shock I guess. They asked if my throat was in my stomach? I guess that was a good way to put it?! I didn't even know what questions to ask them. She told me that the chances of a baby with Down Syndrome is 1 in 80. So part of me says, "Doesn't that mean that there are 79 babies that won't have it?" I don't know? They have me scheduled for a special 3-D ultrasound on Thursday of next week. They said that we will find out then for sure. There is some way to measure the fluid in the baby's neck that will tell us if the baby does or does not for sure. So, I have done a little research on the subject, but I don't also want to go overboard with it because God is still in control and maybe the baby won't have it, right??? If we have some information, I feel better equipped to make some sort of a game plan. They asked if our aborting the baby was an option for us. We both said no. We do not believe in abortion! They said that about 90% of couples finding out that they are having a baby with Down Syndrome will abort. We are not the average 90% then. If that is what God gives us, then we will love the baby, boy or girl, no matter what. But...I also think that I am in shock and don't want to believe this yet. I want to wait until after the ultrasound next week to really start coming to terms with it. I hope that's not wrong of me, but it is the best way that I know to cope right now with this possibility.

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