Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Type 2 Diabetes

Many of you have been praying for my husband, Doug. We really appreciate that so much!! He has been so sick for weeks now. First it was Bronchitis, then it was pneumonia, which put him in the hospital for several days. Well we thought he was on the mend, but over this past weekend, he got worse again. He just can't seem to shake this being sick. So on Monday this week, I took him back in again to the doctor. She drew blood again and sent it to the lab. The fear was that he may have mono now. Well the test for the mono came back negative, PTL!! However, what they did find is that he has a serious problem with Type 2 Diabetes! His levels were sky high! They started him on Insulin immediately yesterday. PTL that our doctor is so awesome and knows that we don't have insurance, so she has been getting our medicines for us through a grant that they have. I can't tell you how much that has helped! So, now we are in for some big changes around here!! For those who know my husband, he is the king of snacks! He is also a Pepsi-holic from the word go. He gets up in the morning, grabs a Pepsi, and never allows for his cup to be empty until he goes to bed at night. He drinks a good 2 - 3 2-liters a day, if not more. I used to be the same way, but after having gestational diabetes with 4 of our children, being on insulin myself for two of them, and now having Pre-diabetes, I can't do that any more and have become the Diet Pepsi Queen! :+) My husband has had to "mostly" stop drinking Pepsi for the last couple of days, stopped snacking, is checking his blood sugars 4 times a day or more, and watching every bite of everything he eats. The diabetes is why he hasn't been able to get better over the last several weeks. He comes by it naturally as his dad has had it for years, has had his eye lashes frozen, a couple of toes amputated, etc. Doug does not want to go through that! So, we are meeting with our doctor again next week, plus a dietitian, and making some major changes. Please say a prayer for us as we go through this tough transition!

On another note...our oldest son Zach DOES have mono though, and is very sick as well. Please pray for him too! And on same note, our oldest daughter miscarried their baby this past weekend. They are both devastated by this! She does have two other beautiful children, but this baby was loved already in their hearts as well.


Michelle said...

Hi Kelly,
It was nice meeting you during TAL Seminar.

Praying for you & yours.
I added you to my prayer journal.


Kelly said...

Thank you Michelle!! I enjoyed TAL too! Thank you for your prayers!!!