Friday, October 10, 2008

On My Mind...

I have an issue with a couple of families in our neighboring town. Perhaps I am taking it too personally as I know that they do not know me from the man in the moon, but to me, as a Christian, it offends me greatly! As you know, we (Christians around the U.S.), just recently had "See You at the Pole" where those who are Christian can meet around the flag pole and pray for those that lead us - those who run our country, those who are running in this election, etc. I realize that this is not the only time that we can pray for those in need, but it is something that many find very important because it is still something that is allowed at most public schools when normally we are coached, prompted and encouraged to separate 'church and school' now-a-days. Well these families, in the town next to us, have taken to poking fun at this blessed right that we have, and have chosen to put "creepy ghosts in a circle, hand to hand, bowing up and down to their flags as they move round and round the flag pole!" This bothers me. And like I said, I should not take it so personally, but every time I drive by there, which is several times weekly, I see this and think how sad it is, how much it bothers me, and how I feel it is poking fun at Christians, like myself, who truly believe that prayer is essential for so many, many reasons. So, I am left with what to do about this. I have several choices... 1.) Do nothing and ignore it the best that I can. 2.) Write an anonymous letter voicing my thoughts (in which it will more than likely only provoke them to anger). 3) Pray for them, for their salvation, and let God take the lead here. So, I am choosing the third choice as this is what I feel is best. So, be with me in this if you will, and pray for them. Maybe then God can do a work in them.

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