Monday, October 20, 2008

A Broken Arm?

Last night our oldest son, Zach, and I ended up taking Sheyenne, our youngest daughter, to the ER in Harlan last night. (Doug had taken nighttime Tylenol and was of little help by that point.) We didn’t get home and to bed until almost 1:00 this morning. They said that she did have a fracture, but that there was a blood pocket blocking the X-rays and so it was hard to see it well. So, they half casted it and put her arm in a sling. She was in terrible pain all night and she and I slept very little, if at all. They told us to just give her regular Tylenol for the pain. Well that wasn’t working, so while we were in Woodbine for the kid’s ortho. appointment, I stopped by Dr. Christy’s office and asked what else I could give her. I explained what had happened (as she hadn’t received the medical report yet this morning) and she said that for one, she would give me a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine for her. Then she said that she wanted to call an orthopedic pediatrician right away and get us in as from what I was describing, it sounded like it was over the growth platelets in her elbow, and that was serious! She wanted to be safe instead of sorry. The ER doctor had told us to just follow up with our regular on Friday this week. Well Christy got us an appointment at the specialist for 11:00 this morning. So, we had to go from Shelby to Woodbine (45 minutes), then back to Harlan to pick up her X-rays (about 35 min.), then to our house to get Shey (about 25 minutes), then to Council Bluffs to the specialist (about another 35 minutes), all by 11:00 this morning. Good thing we did though! Sheyenne has a severe break on the bone just above her funny bone. They had to cut off the half cast from last night, and put her in a full cast from her fingers to almost under her arm pit. She is to not play, go to school (which won’t be a problem with homeschooling), stay with an adult 24/7 to help protect her, etc. So, good thing we didn’t wait until this next Friday to take her in, or they would have had to re-break the break to fix it!! We have to go back in again next Monday and see how it is healing and what needs to be done from there. Poor girl. She really was in so much pain. And she’s still so tiny only weighing 35 lbs. And wouldn’t you know it...but that she is our only left handed child out of 10, and it is her left arm that is broken! She is happy this afternoon though because the neighbors sent down their daughter, her best friend Madison, to play with her here for a while. That lifted her spirits!!


Michelle said...

I am so sorry you all had to go through this. PTL, they will not have to rebreak it. I have never had anything broken, I can only imagine the pain. (((HUGS)))

Kelly said...

Hi Michelle!

Yes, I am so glad they didn't have to re-break it too! The pain when they moved her arm for the X-rays was bad enough! Poor girl! Our son said that he could hear her cry clear in the ER room he was waiting in! I had never broke anything until I turned 35! Now I have broken my ankles 3 different times and had a plate and pins surgically put in to fix the bones. Try being on crutches and pregnant! That's a whole new experience! :+) Not easy at that! LOL!!