Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keith Anderson & Fireworks, All in One Night!

Last night our oldest daughter, Niki, and her boyfriend invited us to go with them to a Royals Baseball Game, fireworks, and a concert - all sponsored by the place Dustin works, Werner Enterprises Trucking. Well sadly, the Royals lost by 2 points, but the fireworks were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have waited my whole life to actually see fireworks from inside a stadium! Even as a little girl I wanted to go to see them, especially after my sister and my dad went one year. I was so jealous that day! But last night, I got to see them up close! It was awesome!! Then to make the night even better, there was a concert afterward with Keith Anderson! Well my daughter was thrilled beyond thrilled to get to go, but I am just starting to like country music, and so I wasn't even sure who he was at first. Well I wasn't disappointed!! He is a great singer, and we got to stand up beside the stage and lean against the speakers. Well things just got better. When the concert was over, my husband asked if we wanted to go meet him personally?! Well Niki jumped at the idea, I was just sure that they'd arrest us or ask us to leave once we walked behind the stage toward their tour bus, and Dustin walked back there, saw his boss standing close by, and decided to not to try. Well one of the other band members just happened to be walking into the tour bus, so Doug introduced himself and gave him his Budweiser business card. The next thing we know, they were inviting us to come in and sit to visit with them! Doug is really hoping to hire them to play for the Budweiser 50th Anniversary Bash, so it gave us perfect opportunity to meet him! Here we were, it was 85* outside, terribly humid so we were all hot and sweaty...and we get to go in and visit with someone famous! I'm sure I was quite a sight with my hair stuck to the back of my neck and forehead, no makeup, etc., but it was worth it! Plus, it was nice and cool in there, so by the time we left, we were much cooler than when we'd first walked in. They are a really nice group of guys!! Their band has so much enthusiasm! And Keith Anderson is a really nice guy himself!! He has a down home way about him...a kindness...a sincerity. As we were leaving, he gave Niki a hug and a kiss on the cheek too. Now that made her day! Not only that, but come on, you have to admit...he's nice on the eyes too!!!! :+)

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