Thursday, July 24, 2008

A "Blessed" Opportunity

I wanted to share about an opportunity I had Sunday night… As I mentioned in my last post, our kids were watching the RAGRAI riders go past our gravel road all afternoon on Sunday (close to 12,000 of them) when one man dumped his bike. The kids all ran over to help him pick up his things, and he just happened to be a Reverend. He gave them his business card and said that if they write to them, he will gladly send them some T-shirts and Bibles for their help. Well that got Mariah (my 11-year-old niece) and Noah (our 9-year-old son) to asking me a lot of questions about God, Jesus, Heaven, what God thinks about being gay or lesbian, etc. Well Noah has always been raised knowing who the Lord is, but to personally give his own heart to the Lord by choice was something I don't believe that he had not done yet. My niece had been taken to church as a tiny baby, but their lives have been anything but for the Lord since then. Well Sunday night, Noah and Mariah both gave their hearts to the Lord! Mariah asked me if I had a kids Bible that she could have, and so I got out a Bible for her, and they both sat and read together (Mariah reading to Noah), about the first 45 pages of it so far. They were so excited and wanted to be left alone to read instead of play with the other kids! That was awesome for me! She asked me if I thought her mom was a Christian. I hadn’t answered yet, but Noah piped up and says, “No, definitely not.” Well she didn’t say anything in reply, and I just said, “I don’t know honey.” Do I personally think so? No. But I cannot see the heart, and can only see from outward appearances, so I left it at that and said that God knows Himself, and it is He who counts. Exciting though, huh?! Maybe my niece will lead her family to the Lord one day?!

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