Monday, March 24, 2008

Challah Anyone?

This is my first try at making "Challah," which I did for our Easter meal yesterday. Though we are not Jewish persay, it was a huge success with my family, and both loaves were gone by noon today.

Challah is a traditional Jewish bread that is made before sundown each Friday for the Sabbath meal. Most women will make two loaves so that there is enough to eat on Saturday (Sabbath) as well. The reason being is because the Jews don't believe in doing ANY kind of work from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. That includes cooking, turning on a light, cleaning, shopping, etc. All foods are prepared in advance so no work is done. Challah is one of the highlights of Sabbath. It is also traditionally eaten with honey or honey butter.


Margarete said...

They look very good. I like to use bread machines to get my dough ready (gives me time for other things) and then I make loaves, rolls, pita bread etc...
Have a good day.

Kelly said...

Margarete! You like to bake bread too! That's great!!!! :+)

God Bless,