Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Newest Grandbaby

Alona Marie Smallwood
Born: 2-19-08
Time: 2:10 p.m.
Weight: 7 lbs. 14 oz.
Length: 20 1/4 " long
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue

Niki, our oldest daughter checked in to the hospital on Monday night to start the induction. She didn't actually start having contractions until about 6:30 the next morning though. I rode in with my husband and son-in-law when they left for work, and got to the hospital at 7:00. By 11:00 she was still dilated to 3 cm. She opted for an epidural, and PTL, it took the first time (instead of the 4th time, and two hours later, like it did with their first son). However, things took a quick turn at around 12:00. Things started progressing very quickly. By about 1:50 the nurse had her start pushing to see how long it might take. Well it was obvious that it wasn't going to take any time, so they called for our doctor. PTL that his office is right there in the hospital! The doctor came in and threw on some scrubs to protect his white dress shirt, and before he had a chance to put on his gloves, Niki had pushed out Alona's head and her right shoulder. Needless to say, the gloves were forgotten as he reached for Alona. She tore a small tear as Alona's left shoulder came popping out. However, the rest of her just slipped through

after that! In total, she pushed a whole 10 - 12 minutes. She pushes like her Mama does! :+) Give me two or three pushes and then let me hold my baby! Daddy and mommy are both thrilled with their new little girl! She picked up nursing right away. We took Landon up to see his new sister last night, and though he liked to kiss her, he was more excited to play with the balloon that Dustin's friend had gotten him than he was seeing his new sister.
However, he is a boy, and he is only 2. (grin)

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Margarete said...

Just stumbled on your blog. Congratulations on your grandbabies! I also want to say I'm sorry for your loss of your baby.