Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another new grandbaby on the way!

Well tomorrow night our oldest daughter will be heading to the hospital so that they can start the induction of her new baby-to-be. They are not inducing due to medical concerns though, PTL, but because our OB doctor is going on vacation for two weeks and she would very much like him to be here when she delivers. So, tomorrow evening, one week early, she will be heading to the hospital. They will start the inducting tomorrow night, and I will go to the hospital around 6:00 Tuesday morning as she wants me to be there with herthroughout her labor and delivery. She is having a little girl. Her name, unless that changes between now and the time she is actually born, will be Alona. I am excited to see her, what color hair she has if any, and to hold her.

Our two-week-old grandbaby, Kaden, is now up to 8 lbs. 2 oz. and is doing well. He is a very content baby, loves to look around, and is sleeping quite well duing the night compared to some babies. It is nice to think of these two cousins only being 2 weeks and 6 days apart in age. My sister and I had this happen with three of our children. Zach and Brandon are still best friends at 16-years-old, as are Cory and Mariah at 10, and Noah and Devin at age 8.

So, we are praying for a healthy wonderful delivery for our daughter and their new baby girl this week.

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