Friday, March 4, 2016


This has been a very interesting past 3 months...some bad, but mostly good!!!  To start off with, we sold our house in Macedonia, and moved in to a beautiful house in a tiny little country town.  Our old house sold, and we bought our new one, all in three week's time!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!  We moved in to our new house 10 days before Christmas, and yes, in the rain and snow.  Did we put up a tree?  YES!  It wasn't up long, but it was up!  Then I received the opportunity to do some writing! Yes, actually writing about one of my loves, homeschooling!  I am so blessed to say that I am now helping to write lesson plans for "Schoolhouse Teachers," then I accepted the challenge of writing an actual article that would possibly be an article monthly for the blog, "Homeschooling with Heart."  I was one of the chosen!!  Then, to add to God's favor, I was offered the chance to write an article for the magazine, "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine," and be paid for it!!  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of all of this!!!!!

Then, my husband surprised me by us finally being able to pay off our big 15-passenger van (which is the kind of vehicle I have been driving for the past 24 years), and bought me a 2011 Ford Explorer, which is the newest vehicle I have ever driven!  That is a total God thing!!

Then, we were blessed on Monday with a healthy, strong litter of cockapoo puppies, which is the breed I am breeding now.  Only one or two litters per year, but that is fine to me as they are part of our family, and they used to all people, children of all ages, and will have their first shots and wormings.  Mama is the mini red poodle, and daddy is a chocolate & white cocker spaniel.
Tasha is a great Mama!
2 girls & 1 boy


Another blessing our family has been blessed with is two new Persian kittens. One of my special babies died this last fall, and we don't know why.  I was heartbroken.  Well my friend, who is a Persian cat breeder in DesMoines, had a litter of kittens and one that I might fit with perfectly.  Well I did!  Her name is Savannah.  And then, she had a baby brother who is handicapped, because his brain stem didn't grow as it should have, so his equilibrium is off.  She asked if I would want him, and work with his special needs, or she would have to put him down.  I read and also found out that he is in no pain, will have a regular life span of 15 - 18 years, still can be taught, etc.  So, I said an absolute yes!  They are two wonderful kittens!!  I love them to pieces!  And I have 2 other Persians that are now two years old.  I so love my cats!!
         (Pixel my handicapped kitten, Sasha - top, Snickers - bottom, Savannah - right)


Another thing happened, my computer of two years took a nose dive (or rather the internal battery did), nearly right out my living room window!  It had been frustrating me for quite some time, and I literally wanted to throw it across the room!  I kept my patience, barely, and my husband fixed up an old one of his for me, which lasted only a short time, so for my birthday, my honey bought me a new one!!!  See, God IS so good!!

And yet another wonderful thing has happened as well...Grandbaby #14 (Ashley & Perry are the proud parents) is on the way!!!!  Only a few more weeks left and he/she will be here!  And all of our grandbabies are under the age of 10! We are SO blessed and excited!!  

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