Friday, October 30, 2015

Changes For Us In the Past Few Months

     This past few months has been a whirlwind!  First, about 3 months ago, we decided that we wanted to move closer to our children and grandchildren, because where we are currently living is so much further away from our children where they all live now, that I was feeling very much secluded from everyone, and even to friends.  So, I explained to my husband how I was feeling, that I never could really connect with this house since we couldn't have chickens, a big garden, or our grandbabies over like they used to be able to do.  My husband liked the "city look in the country," and I wanted "country in the country."  With not having any of those things, I was staying in the city more and more, with my best friend/sister, and our kids we still have in the nest.  I just was so lonely, bummed, and wanting to be around the people I love more, other adults to talk to, and an opportunity for my children to be around more children to play with.  We didn't have the farm animals that we used to have, no garden to spend time with, and no one in the immediate surrounding area to play with.  Yes, we have bikes, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, a basketball hoop, riding mower, and a big pool up (for the summer),   However, even those things end up boring if you have no one to do anything with.
     So, PRAISE GOD (and I do mean literally!), we put our house up for sale, sold it, found another house in a very tiny (518 people to date), but peaceful, nice town, and also bought a new, beautiful home, and in less than 3 weeks!!!  God is so good!!!  Oh my gosh!  And so faithful!!  YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE "FAITH!"  NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES LOOK LIKE!!  And TITHE!  It's really God's anyway!  So hopefully, by the middle of next month, we will be moving!  I am so excited!  It is a gorgeous home, double lot yard, heated garage that holds 4 vehicles, a shed, and we are so blessed!  For God selling ours, and Him finding this one for us, when we almost made a huge mistake and bought a different one.  :0)
     Also, officially as of today, our granddaughter we have been raising since birth, was diagnosed as having high spectrum autism, and having ADHD.  Her pediatrician felt this was the case about 6 months ago, but we had to have her professionally diagnosed by the specialists at Monroe Myer Institute in NE first.  Well it is official, so now we can get her the specific help she needs, and encourage her progression so that she will be able to function as a normal adult one day.
     ANOTHER blessing from God, is that our 3rd oldest daughter, Ashley, and her husband Perry, are having another baby!!!!!  WE ARE SO THRILLED!!!!!!   Grandbaby #14!  (And 6 more in Heaven). 

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