Saturday, March 2, 2013

Persian Beauties

     Is there a difference between a regular house cat vs. a Persian??  The answer is...YES!
     Don't get me wrong, cats have been part of most of my life since I was a little kid in maybe 2nd or 3rd grade.  I love the cats I have had!  They have been some great cats!  However, I was blessed to meet a lady with a cattery who breeds Persians. 
     Persians have a long flowing coat with luxurious full, soft wooly undercoat hairs with longer coarser guard hairs and a chunky body which is often referred to as 'cobby.'  Their legs are thick and stocky.  Persians typically have round eyes set in a sweet round flat face. 
     Persians are gentle (not hyper), quiet cats.  They are calm and undemanding and can be very affectionate.  They are very placid and unlikely to scratch anyone.  Because of the Persian's serene nature they usually get along with other pets, and are great with children.  They are not noisy, nor demanding, and can give their owners much love and devotion.  If you want a loveable, adorable Persian kitten
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