Monday, March 4, 2013

A Place of My Own

     Have you ever  wished you had somewhere to go that is peaceful, quiet, where you could read a whole paragraph in a book if you wanted, or think without being interrupted, or even just pray outloud and totally keeping your eyes on Him, our precious Lord???
     Don't get me wrong...I LOVE kids and babies!!  My own, our soon-to-be 10th grandbaby, our foster kids through the years...  Flat out, I love kids!!  All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother from the time I was in about 2nd grade.  My first babysitting job was for my 4th grade teacher every day after school so that she could go to her second job.  I took her son to Cub Scout Meetings, made him supper and had him ready for bed when she got home.
     Now fast forward...I am sad to say, I am now 47 and now I can concentrate a little less on everyone else (though we still have 4 children in the nest and one grandbaby we are raising), and ask myself, "What do I, Kelly, want?"  Well, I wanted a room I can go to, my own little hideout if you will," and something I can go to, enjoy, and yet still be able to see what is going on, and be able to supervise the kids still at home.  So, my husband turned one of our bedrooms into a "my room."  Yes, my room for my kittens and I.  I have a radio, TV, my Bible, a notebook, and 'pretty' things in there.  But to be able to still see and supervise what is going on, I needed something I could see through, but still not have all the noise.  So, I got the idea of an all glass screen door!  Yes, it might seem corny, but it works perfectly!!  My hubby did a great job!!


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