Saturday, January 8, 2011

School Shooting in Omaha

This week, on the first day back from Christmas break, a senior at one of our local high schools, brought a gun to school, and shot the Principal, and the Vice Principal.  That school and all the others went down to immediate lock down.  The Vice Principal, a lady who'd been with the school for many year, died that evening.  The principal is still alive, but in critical condition.  The senior, the son of an Omaha Police Officer, then went to a parking lot and shot & killed himself.  This has been a horrible thing to happen.  It is horrible when you read or hear about it at other schools.  It is even worse when it is a school in your area and you know one of not more of the students going there. 

A friend posted this on Facebook, and it speaks volumes...

Boy writes God a letter, "Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?" God replies, "Dear son, because I'm not allowed in your schools anymore.

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