Friday, January 21, 2011

Capturing An Idea

     What is an idea? Charlotte Mason points out that “an idea is anything which captivates our minds and causes us to think.” Some people are filled to overflowing with ideas. For a moment, think as you imagine a child would. A child can take a simple stick and create a myriad of things with arrow, a toy gun, a wand in which to lead an orchestra, or even a stick for roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. Their minds abound endlessly with ideas.
     As adults, some of us are overflowing with ideas that they can't seem to get down on paper fast enough. Some of us, well, can take someone else's ideas and run with them with a speed of light. God has blessed some people with creative juices flowing to the brim, while others may not be quite so creative, but can put into action what the other person's ideas are. That is the second step of an idea, isn't it? Putting in to action the initial idea?
     As Stephanie Walmsley, author of CMME (Charlotte Mason Made Easy) says, “Ideas can be good or bad, they can reproduce, they can grow. They can have a powerful impact on people and change the way people behave.” Or, perhaps even how we live our every day lives, just from an “idea.”
     Ideas can be a very influential things in the minds of the right hands. Some of the greatest ideas in history have proven to be beneficial still to us today. Think about it...what would we have done if Thomas Alva Edison had never discovered the first light bulb?! Or what if the Wright Brothers had never built the first airplane that actually got off the ground? The world as we know it would be nowhere near the same!
     For more information and knowledge on the “ideas” that Charlotte Mason spoke of, you can go to: as well as find a 12-week CM course at -

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