Monday, December 6, 2010

Surgery for Cory

Well this morning we got up in plenty of time to take our 13-year-old to the hospital so he could have his tonsils & adenoids taken out, and tubes put in his ears.  On the way to the hospital, we blew out a front tire, totally unexpectedly.  Well to make matters worse, the tire had a hole and was flat to the rim, and yes, we had a spare tire, but have not had this van but for a few months and had never needed to access the spare tire before.  Well wouldn't you know it, but the piece to get the spare off was stripped, and the tire couldn't be taken out.  My husband worked on it for about 45 minutes.  We called, and called, and called one of our older daughters who was at home with our younger children, but she had her phone sound to "off," so needless to say, I ended up calling my friend (who lives 20 minutes from us) who drove over to our house to wake her up.  About the time my friend was heading to my house, a state trooper pulled up behind us and offered to help out.  We explained that our son was to be going in for surgery, and that we were to be there by 9:00.  It was now 10 minutes till 9.  Well he offered us a ride and we made it in time, PTL!  Then he went back with my husband to our van to stay with him till help could arrive.  My husband got to the hospital before out son went in to surgery.  The surgery got started later than expected, and took twice as long as expected because his adenoids were so badly swollen and infected that it took much longer to remove them, and he had issues with bleeding (you know how that is for us redheads), so his ENT had had to cauterize a lot more than she had initially planned to.  We finally arrived back home at 5:00 tonight.  It has been a long day and tonight, my poor son is in so much pain.  He has ear drops, medicine for nausea, nose spray, antibiotics and Tylenol w/Codeine.  He has a heating pad on the back of his neck, and an ice pack on his throat.  We have to be extra cautious about him starting to bleed for the next 10 - 12 days and have 4 emergency numbers to get a hold of the doctor on if need be.  We pray that this will make a world of improvement to him where his reading and hearing are concerned!

(12/30/2010) - Cory is much better, can hear so much
better now (the TV used to have to be at a level of 50,
and now he can hear it at 24), plus his sense of smell
is so much better that he can smell his dad's yucky
cigarettes sitting in the ashtray in the basement!

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