Friday, November 12, 2010

What Is One of YOUR Biggest Reasons that YOUR Family Homeschools?

     What is one of the biggest reasons that you personally home school your children? For our individual family, I would have to say that it is "our SCHEDULE." One of the greatest benefits of each and every home schooling family, is that, just as the Lord made each person's fingerprints unique only to that specific person, no one elses school will ever be just like ours either. And rightfully so, it shouldn't be. Many of us may do certain things, or use certain curriculum that is the same, or similar, but over-all, our schooling belongs to each of our distinct respective families.
     So to us, our schedule plays a huge role in our schooling. Simply put, it is our schedule, and no one elses! (grin) No one can demand when or what days we start school, finish school, or skip school. For instance, we can choose to school Wednesdays - Sundays, and not on Mondays and Tuesdays. Or, maybe we had a very late night because of sick little ones, and so we decided to start schooling at 4:00 the next afternoon, and do not stop schooling until 10:00 that night. Time is our most valuable commodity, and is so precious to us all. We are each given the exact same amount of hours, and it is up to us how we use them. Homeschooling has allowed us to choose how we use those hours. That, for our family, is a wonderful benefit. There are so many opportunities that come up in every day life that can change the course of our days. And there are crisis's that come up, or emergencies that need to be tended to immediately. As well, there are wonderful opportunities we would never want to miss out on. For instance, the recent rescue of the of the coal minors in Chile'. There has never been a greater successful rescue of trapped and rescued minors in all of history! What a shame that would have been to have missed that rescue, as it took place, than just have had to read about in some newspaper or book! To actually see each of those men come up alive, after being trapped for 69 days underground, was worth missing "book work" for those hours. Did we learn anything by watching this that day? Oh my yes! More than we ever probably would have in our books that day.
     So in a nutshell, our "schedule" is one very important reason that we homeschool. There are many other reasons as well, but we personally believe that this is one of our most influential, relevant purposes to homeschool our children.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Biggest reason .... this year it's because of our schedule. The first year was because we had just left the Amish and weren't allowed to send our child to their school and didn't want to use a public school. Hadn't heard of other Christian schools at that point otherwise we probably would never have homeschooled. I hate to think of what all I would have missed out on had life not turned out the way it did.


Sarah Slaven said...

I love the flexibility and the fact that there is no pressure or fear of failing in front of others.

Kelly said...

AMEN to both of you! Isn't God good?! :+)