Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our "Gifts" From God

     The Bible teaches us that GOD gives us each our own personal “gifts.” When I say “gifts,” I don't mean gifts as in like a “present” that you might get on Christmas or your birthday. I am talking about a “gift” that GOD gives us. Webster's Dictionary defines a “gift” as a special ability, a natural capability, or talent. YOU are special in God's eyes. God does not make any two of us exactly alike. Oh you may be an identical twin in looks, but the person you are does not exactly match your twin's personality, thoughts or ideas. Those are your own, just as God's “gifts” are His own for you.

     In Romans 12:4, God talks about each of the seven individual gifts that he hands out to those who are in His family, to those He loves. One may be the gift of prophesy, or of ministry, teaching, exhortation, giving, leadership or even mercy.
     My personal “gift” is mercy, bordering very closely on teaching. What is mercy? It is the willingness to forgive, not to punish those who have wronged us, being loving, kindhearted, and truly tenderhearted... It is blessing someone else, showing them the forgiveness that God shows us daily, being gentle, and sympathetic. I should be asking myself daily, am I showing mercy in every way that I can? Am I showing mercy to my own family, to my friends? It is my special gift from God Himself. HE wants to be able to show mercy to all who need it, when they need it, and for whatever reason they may need. I am by no means the only person who God has given this gift too, but I am one.
     And the gift of teaching is a secondary gift that God had given me. I don't know why I have necessarily been given this gift, but I believe that it is what has enabled me have taught the Sunday School classes, Bible School classes, and nursery classes that I have taught over the years. However, I also believe that it is in major part of what has enabled me to home-school our children these past 18 years. In Deu. 11:19, it says, “And you shall teach them (His words) to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you rise up.”
     Our “gifts” are meant to be special to us, personally. What are we doing with our “gifts?” Are we using them to glorify our Lord and Savior? This is something that we should do our best at, and take very seriously. Are we using our gifts in a way that is fitting for the Lord and the church body? Think about it...

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