Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pitt Bull/Am. Bulldog Attack!

Our oldest daughter's best friend of about 18 years now, was attacked by a pitt bull yesterday evening.  Actually, she is 5 months pregnant with their 2nd baby (another little girl), and also a 2 1/2-year-old precious little girl.  Due to already having pregnancy complications, she is supposed to be on bed rest, but her fiance' is in the Army and was gone for some sort of training for the weekend.  She had gone to her fiance's house to let their dogs out to go potty.  She had her little girl with her.  The dogs went outside and pottied, and she was in the process of putting them back in their cages when one of the pitt bulls got mad and didn't want to be put away.  She stepped in front of her little girl, being afraid that the dog would attack her.  The dog attacked Anna though instead.  Anna yelled for Addie to climb up on the riding mower, which she finally did, but by then the pitt bull had knocked Anna to the ground.  She managed to crawl over to her fiance's toolbox and got out a jip knife.  She stabbed the dog in the face at least 12 times, but the dog wouldn't back down.  Anna's dog broke out of his cage to try to protect Anna.  Her dog, Tyton, pulled at the Pitt Bull and got his back enough that Anna could take off her jeans.  She remembered her fiance' telling her that if anyone is ever being attacked by a dog, take off the article of clothing that the dog is attacking to distract them.  She managed to get her jeans off long enough to get Addie, crawl to the house, and call 911 before the dog got her again.  They rushed her to one hospital, and then had to rush her to a second hospital in Omaha because of the extensive injuries.  The pitt bull, at least this particular one, will be put down this coming Monday, after they make certain he doesn't have rabies, and hasn't bitten anyone else in the last several days.  If Anna had not gotten between her little girl and this pitt bull, Addie probably would be dead today.  Anna was in surgery till 1:00 this morning.  The surgery took longer than expected and she may have nerve damage, which will affect her mobility.  Please pray for full healing for Anna, and that the baby she is carrying will be healthy, and she will be able to carry this baby to full term after all this trauma.   

Tyton, Anna's dog that tried to save her.

One wound

See the attack marks?


HollyC said...

Hi, Kelly. I found your blog through TWTM website. I just had to send my prayers to this family through you! I actually cried when I saw those pics and thought about that sweet little girl and her Mama and how scared they must have been! My son (age 7) was attacked by a neighbors pit bull about two months the face! We have God to thank that the dog bit once and let him go! He is scarred mentally and physically, but thank God, alive! Please know they are in my prayers!

Kelly said...

Thank you Holly for each and every prayer! I cannot imagine how horrified anyone would be being attacked by a dog, and especially a child! And what is worse yet, to me, is that her fiance' plans to keep "adopting and rehabilitating" these dogs. And yet, our daughter's friend is due to have another baby girl in 4 months, and then they have their 2 1/2 year old. Even 1% chance that ANY of those dogs re-attack, is too much to me! And Addie, her poor little girl, watched her mama lying in a pool of blood, stabbing the dog in the face with a jip knife to try to get away...well Addie will never forget that! But her mom's fiance' believes that it's the "prior people fault who owned the dog 8 months ago" that should be blamed? And that we should only "blame the deed, not the breed." But, I'm sorry, why would they ever risk keeping ANY of those dogs with little children around, I will never understand? I pray God open their eyes to see the dangers of this, and that her fiance' chooses his soon-to-be wife and children over his dogs! Sadly, I don't see that happening unless it is totally God.

HollyC said...

Hi Kelly,
I find myself thinking of this family as I go about my hectic 'homeschool' day and as I look at my precious son across the table from me and thank GOD how blessed we are. I'm safe in the knowledge that we NEVER have to be around a dog like that again! It pains me to think of this sweet young woman and her precious children and the fact that they may have to continue to be around these dogs...I'm speechless! It makes me mad!! I'm going to pray for this man!! I'm sorry, but I just couldn't marry him and put my children at risk...he would have to choose the dogs or us!!
Blessings & Prayers,