Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Wedding in the Family

We are so excited!!  Last night, Ashley's boyfriend, Perry, asked her to marry him!  It's awesome how God brought them together...he happened to be brought in to the hospital, where our daughter works, to have his appendix removed.  Ashley was assigned to him as her patient at the hospital.  That's how they met.  About 3 weeks later, Ashley got a message asking for her to call him.  At first his name didn't ring a bell, but the note (which she still has), asked for her to call him, and said that he "doesn't drink, and doesn't smoke."  :+)  Well that intrigued Ash, so she called him.  They went out once, and that's how the story begins.  She almost chickened out, but her best friend and I convinced her to go at least once.  LOL!  Well, needless to say, the same girl who kept asking me the last couple of years now, "What if I miss meeting the man God has picked out for me and I'm alone the rest of my life?" is "officially" engaged to be married!  They are hoping to be married this coming June or July.   

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