Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Passing of a Friend

Yesterday, July 3rd, 10 years ago to the day, my dad died of cancer. Also, yesterday, on July 3rd, our family friend, died of liver failure. She had been very sick and been in the hospital for close to a month already. Our 3rd oldest daughter had been her CNA much of the time that she has been there. Our families became friends when I was about 12 years old. Their. oldest daughter was 16 at that point. She taught me how to put on makeup, do my nails, fix my hair all pretty like...then our moms met and became best friends. So, that put them with their four kids, and the three of us kids, all together a lot of the time. We had some great memories jumping into the lake from the back of a pickup truck, my first motorcycle ride, my first hickie...well you get the idea. :+) Well several years ago, we all lost touch with each other. Then recently, we all connected again. It was on sad terms, but instead of being all teary and depressed, it was almost like a family reunion, sharing memories and fun we'd had. I think it was good for her to hear all the laughter and memories, and to know that we would all be okay. I also believe that that it was God who brought us all together again for a reason. And since we are looking for a church, by finding our family friends, I think we may also have found the church that the Lord wants for us!

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