Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Traumas

So much to tell you, and not much time right now. My mom fell Saturday night trying to get back up out of her bed to turn on her oxygen which she needs at nights now because she has sleep apnea and emphysema. When she fell, she broke her left hip. My brother and sister were at the bar, and so my mom pressed her emergency help bracelet and the paramedics came, but couldn't get it. So they tracked my brother down, who went to the house to let them in. Around 5 AM, my brother and sister went home to get some sleep. I didn't know about it till noon on Saturday that my mom was even at the hospital. The hospital called at noon to say she was going in to surgery, and that is when my brother called here. So I went up to the hospital at 4:30 that afternoon, about the time she should be out of surgery and back in to her room. No one was there. Ashley and Zach had come with me, and then Ashley's boyfriend, Perry, came up to get Ash so they could run to Target. I stayed with my mom, and Zach went with them. It was about then that I realized that something wasn't wrong quite right with my mom, and she couldn't wake up, even though her surgery had been over nearly 3 hours before. Then her stats started dropping, she couldn't breathe. Long story short, they ended up rushing her to the ICU.

So, I went right back up there first thing this morning after my sister called saying that my mom was having trouble because she couldn't breathe right, and they ended up having to inti bate her. Then tonight, around 6:00, the neurosurgeon came in and tested her. My mom appears to have had a stroke, and possibly one on the right side, and one on the left side of her brain from two blood clots. They will do an MRI tomorrow morning to see exactly where, and how bad it is.

Plus, her best friend is in the Harlan Hospital dying from liver failure. This is a hard time for both families. Please keep us all in your prayers when you think of us.

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