Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Those Holiday Goodies!!

It's the time of year when so many people are following traditions and baking those goodies that they love the most. These are a few of our favorites! Fudge, Cherry Popcorn Balls, Coffee & Spice Cookies, and Butterscotch Bars. This afternoon we hope to make Chocolate Chip cookies as well. Normally the older girls all come over to our house and we have a big baking day together. Well this year with the cold, ice and snow, that didn't work out. So Sapphire made the Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal cookies with chocolate drizzled over the tops, and Niki made more fudge at their house too. I don't know? Can anyone ever have too many goodies during the Holidays?!?!



I don't believe we have cherry chips here.? Have a very Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas to you guys too!!!! You don't have cherry chips? Ours are over with the butterscotch and chocolate chips. We even have cinnamon chips. LOL!