Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dutchess & Duke

This is Dutchess (on the left) and Duke (on the right - both on Doug's lap). Aren't they cute?!?!
After having to put our Saint Bernard down last week, we all missed having a big dog around and it seemed so sad without Bo here. That is when we heard of a litter of pups that had been found by a farmer, suffocating in a plastic bag, thrown on to the edge of the river to drown. Isn't that awful?! At any rate, the farmer took these 8 pups, who didn't even have their eyes open, to a rescue nearby. The rescue family, called RUFF, took them to the vet, began bottle feeding them and caring for them. 2 of them died and were too far gone, but 6 survived! When we saw this, we emailed the rescue center and asked about them. After discussing it with all our kids, we all decided we wanted to get one. That is when Doug surprised us last night and came home with 2 of them!!!! Everyone is sooooooo thrilled! They are part Saint Bernard and part Mastiff (with possibly a bit of Shepard in them from what their vet can tell.) So, Doug just couldn't decided which of these two he wanted, so he got both! The kids are so ecstatic!! So am I! They are wonderful puppies!! I cannot imagine how anyone could try to kill them that way!

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