Monday, August 12, 2013

One AWESOME Blessing

     Do you have something that you feel has been, or is, an AWESOME blessing to you?!  Or in OUR case 9, soon-to-be 10,
blessings!!!  Who are these blessings?  Our grandkids!!  I am so blessed to have them in our lives!  People used to tell me that the proof of how successful you have raised your children, is by looking at your grandchildren.  I used to think, how did that make sense?  But now I see it.  I see how our little grandchildren, all under the age of 7, are copying their mamas or daddys by doing their chores, helping around the house, helping with their siblings...many of the things that we taught their parents, I see duplicated in our children's children.  And many of the phrases we used with our 9 children, they are now using with our grandchildren.  Phrases like, "Because I said so!" or "Patience is a virtue!"  So many people have said that "Just when you think you cannot love anyone, any more than you can love your own children, suddenly you have grandchildren, and your heart melts again, and your mama bear protective mode goes in to high gear!"  They were so right!  Now this is a true blessing from God!! 
                               One of the BEST yet!!!

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