Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Having recently gotten 3 Persian kittens (my 2 males just turned 5 months old on St. Patrick's Day & the little girl is only 10 weeks), I am compelled to encourage everyone, unless you are a clean, professional dog or cat breeder, to be a RESPONSIBLE pet owner.  How many, many times do we have a pet that was so "cute" as a baby, but the newness and excitement has worn off?  Maybe you are running late to an appt., or to work, and figure, "Oh well I'll feed them when I get home."  Well you get home, you are hungry yourself, tired and want to just sit, relax and watch a little TV before bed.  That's "okay" you tell yourself. "I'll feed them in the morning."  Well the morning is hectic, you're running late, and once again you say, "When I get home..."  And never mind the fact that your pet has had no water for what...Two, Three, or Four days now.  Plus, the fact it rained yesterday and your dog was on its chain with no chance to get any shelter, or get away from the thunder and lightning that it's something that scares the stuffing out of your pet!!!!  But that is what I am hoping to make a point about.  These are supposed to be your pets!  

These "pets" deserve to have the same things that YOU need to survive!  That is food, water, shelter and most of all...LOVE!!  Take care of them, feed them, get them their rabies shots and other vaccines. and get them SPAYED and/or NEUTERED!!   If there is even the slightest chance that you won't have time, money, and patience for that "cute" little kitten or puppy, PLEASE, DON'T GET IT!  There are hundreds, upon hundreds of thousands of neglected and abused "pets" out there!  Let's work together to be responsible pet owners!!  And if you see or know of any abused animals out there, call someone and turn them in!  Love yourself enough to love your pet just as much as they unconditionally love YOU!

In the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, there is a wonderful, inexpensive place called The Leid Spay/Neuter Clinic that is actually on the property of the NE Humane Society in Omaha.  They will neuter your cat for $30, and Spay your cat for $40, and for your dogs it is $55 to neuter your male, & $65 for your female to be spayed.  Set up an appt. today!!!!  

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