Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Kitten

This is Butterscotch, my new 7 week old Munchkin Persian kitten that my husband let me get for Christmas!!  He's so beautiful, soft and cuddly!!  There is an awesome breeder in DesMoines, IA who I got him from.  If you are ever interested in one of these beautiful kittens, the breeder is awesome to work with, the cats and kittens are all healthy, have their shots, and very well cared for.  She also has Dwarf kittens which I want to own one some day as well.  You will be so pleased to own one!!  They are so different from your regular cat. They are absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!  If you would like to know more about one, I will gladly give you her email address.


Justine said...

Hi - I tried to email you - but Blogger/Google wanted to mess with my email address - so I thought I might just contact you this way.
Wondering if you would be willing to do a review or post a giveaway of a homeschool curriculum I recently self published. You may reach me at or


Hey Kelly, How are you. Are you still on fb?
Hope to hear from you.

Kelly said...

Hi Margarete!

Yes, I'm still here. During the legal battle to get guardianship of our grandbaby over our daughter-in-law's parents (5X in court and at the request of our son and DIL), her family hacked our FB accounts numerous times, including our Private FB Messages to try to use against us. They even brought a lady down from MN to testify that "I was a mentally unstable parent, and that the baby shouldn't be around me???" (Of course we have had her all but 12 days of her life, and she is 20 months old now and they have never even laid eyes on her before.) I have NEVER seen, spoken, set eyes on her, been FB friends with this lady from MN...nothing, EVER. I was so appauled that they could lie like that, and say, "I was a 'good' friend of hers on FB??" And to lie under oath... At any rate, we won, ALL thanks to GOD!! But because of all of this, we had to disable our main FBs, and make up new ones with new names. So yes, I am under Madea Rosenbloom. LOL!! We have won guardianship in NE, and once the papers are finalized in IA, we can go back to our old names. So, yes, look for me there. :+)