Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remodeled Pantry

 Here are two old what our
pantry looked like until a couple
of weeks ago, and after a
makeover, here is the "new"
pantry.  Slowly, but surely, our
house is being "flipped" from
its original look, to a new look. 
One step at a time...


Vickie said...

Awesome! We are relocating our pantry .... not far but moving it nonetheless. It'll be bigger and better. Doesn't it just give you some sort of satisfaction to know where everything is, it is all organized and pretty. Now...let's see how long it'll stay that way LOL Great job! Looks fabulous.

Little Miss Splendiferous said...

That looks great. I love organization.

Kelly said...

Thank you guys!! I love seeing the shelves to get them stocked and keep them stocked! :+)

Kelly said...

Thank you Vickie!! Now if I can get it filled so that I can feel that I am always prepared, that will be a good feeling!