Friday, May 27, 2011

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain

I have been having a fibromyalgia flare up all week this week, worse than I have for a long time. Then to top it off, I slipped down the stairs when my left leg gave way, and hurt my wrist, ankle and elbow. Being in chronic pain and trying to keep up with everything doesn't always work no matter how hard I try. I am determined though to keep claiming God's healing though in Jesus Name!!!

For those of us who have fibromyalgia (or anything else similar), whichever works FOR YOU, complete faith or seeing your doctor, "Thank God for your healing - HOWEVER it comes! - and do NOT let Satan put you under condemnation. It is none of his business!!!" (a quote by Kenneth Copeland)


Jackie said...

I have fibromyalgia (have had it about 20 years now). Falling always makes it worse for me. Anyway, I totally agree with you about God being our healer. I believe in speaking over myself, and not giving Satan a toe-hold!

Mom to a very active teenager who doubles as a bright right-brained learner.

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Kelly said...

Wow Jackie! 20 years! I feel for you! But PTL we have a God who heals, and we can believe that for each other! :+)