Thursday, September 23, 2010

     This is our 3rd oldest daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend Perry.  Prayerfully, by this time next year, they will be husband and wife!!!  We are so excited and will be blessed to have him as a son-in-law!  He has a wonderful family who loves Ashley, and we know that she will be very cared for. 
     Perry's family lives only about 10 minutes away from us, and the kids plan to to purchase a house and live in this area around both families.  Perry has worked at the same job for 5 years, and is guaranteed another 5 years there as well.  He recently graduated from college with honors, and works in Avoca.  His family is a farming family and are very hard workers. Harvest is starting here, so he will be busy working all day, and coming home to work the fields in the evenings.  Ashley is already dreading not seeing his as much as she wants to.  That's part of being a farmer's wife, so I'm sure she can find plenty to keep herself busy.  She is still working at the hospital and truly enjoys it!  She has gotten excellent reports, and has met some wonderful people there.  She plans to continue working there as well, even once they are married.    

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