Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Fall Blizzard

*Ashley's car in a drift. *Looking out the kitchen window.

*Our propane tank in the backyard. *A bull trying to get on our front porch.

We had our first blizzard the last two days. Our furnace won't stay on because of the winds being 40 mph, that the house was only at 50* this morning at 6:30 when we got up. We have lit the woodburning stove, so it has gone up to 54* in the house. The temperature is only 4* and the windchill is at a -20* below right now. It's COLD here!!! To make things more interesting, my husband is in MO at a Director of Operations meeting for the last 3 days. I pray he can get in to Omaha and has a safe flight!!!

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Nin, 43 ans said...

Impressionnant! Here in belgium only 10cm and all the country was in alert.