Friday, October 2, 2009

Babies Of All Kinds

Isn't this baby Capuchin monkey just the most precious adorable baby?! This baby is owned by a true breeder in TX ( I would so love a baby Capuchin monkey! You have no idea how much! We thought that we finally had one we could really get, but found out that it was ALL a scam. We would send the money to them, but no monkey would arrive at the airport. That kind of thing is just WRONG! It makes me so mad that people can so easily lie about about things like this!! It hurts when people get their hopes and dreams up, and yet they promise you and they say they only ask "that you keep their original names the same as they are now, and that they just want a good home for them, and that you only have to pay for the airfare to ship them here. If something seems too good to be true...IT PROBABLY IS!!!!!! (Unless it is 100% God's doing that is!!) My daughter and I were sooooooo disappointed for several reasons, and me personally for quite a few reasons. I won't go in to it all here, but just know that when I say it hurts to be scammed, especially when your heart is set on it and you are soooooo excited, then the pain is twice as bad! BUYER BEWARE! I am thankful for the wise words of caution about scams like this from legitimate breeders such as !

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