Saturday, April 18, 2009

If You Don't Want Something...Scrap It & Get Rid of It!

We have had this old, old camper sitting on our property since we moved here almost 2 years ago. At first, the kids had fun playing outside in it, climbing on top of it, and having sleepovers in it. We'd run electricity to it so that they kids could have a small t.v. in it to watch movies and the like on. Lately, however, it has become more of an eyesore, and a big annoyance. So, I got to thinking that that spot there would be a perfect place for my breeding dogs outdoor kennel area, since it is covered by shade trees all summer long. So, yesterday for "school" the kids and I decided it was time to tear it down! :+) It was quite a project, and though we still need to remove some of the metal from the wood (the metal for my SIL and the wood for the burn hole), we are basically finished with the main tearing down part of it all. We would have finished it today, but it's been raining, so we have done just a little here and there between rain showers. Hopefully this week we can get it finished up and attach the two kennels together to make it twice the size, and have a nice shaded area for my dogs.

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