Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Ring in the New Year Right!

January has ushered in a fresh New Year with new hopes, dreams and goals for things we hope and wish to see different. Free to be lived without the mistakes that we made last year. Hopefully we have learned from them.

We know that the New Year is just another day on the calendar - but in our hearts we pray that the days ahead will be better than the days behind. We somehow magically hope that this "New Year" will be radically different than the year we have left behind.

Unfortunately, though the calendar is new and the picture has changed, it doesn't necessarily mean that you and I have changed just because there's a new calendar on our wall. We haven't changed, well not really that drastically anyway. For all intense and purposes, we are still the same people that we were the day before, and still have the same flaws we did yesterday and the day before. Instead we must realize that life is a process of successes and failures, all of which, by God's grace, we can get through.

What is especially hard is suddenly realizing that our kids are the same "works in progress" that they were the day before, or in this case the year before. They will not magically stop fighting with each other, or suddenly do their chores with a good attitude, or mysteriously have learned all their times tables or how to read.

The good news is that God can still point us in the right direction as we step into this New Year, IF we're willing to keep following His plan. He can still put us on the right path. Our New Year is not hopeless. In fact, it is just the opposite! It is full of possibilities. We will never be perfect, nor will our husband or children. However, with God's help, we can keep up with the process. We can keep on working to make a difference this New Year...keep on working to make things run smoother...more more better stewards of our money. We can keep working with our children teaching them to read, write and spell. Spending time with them...loving them...laughing with them.

We are all a work in progress. Homeschooling is a work in progress. Motherhood is a continual work in progress. Fatherhood is a work in progress. What worked for one child may not even come close to working for another child. Just realizing that is a good start to our New Year already!

So, let's keep our focus on God this New Year. Let's continue to be a work in progress. Let's try to learn from our shortcomings and failures from last year, and keep looking up, and ahead. Let's keep our eyes on the only one who can truly change us, who can change our situations and families, all for His glory. It will take time, but this year can be the New Year you've been waiting for. Let's just follow His lead.

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