Monday, November 17, 2008

Magic Treehouse Musical

We were blessed by one of my husband's bosses to be able to take all the kids to the Musical "The Magic Tree House." It was such a good experience for them! I think that Zach thought it was a little mushy for his liking, but otherwise, they all had a wonderful time!!


Michelle said...

Oh Yes, I remember the bead art. It was so much fun. Is it still around? What did you use to make yours?
I think `D` would enjoy seeing the `Magic Treehouse Musical`.
Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Hi Michelle,

Yes, they still have them. We got them in a small bucket of assorted colors at Walmart I believe it was. They are just little plastic beads that melt when you put waxed paper over them and heat them up with an iron. Even our older daughters still like them and they are both married! :+)